Here are a few of the things I did today:

Enjoyed a picturesque muted sunset of dusty violet and glimmering gold.

Went from rugged Canadian Shield to brutal prairie.

Ran around in snow up to my knee at one point.

Interviewed a woman who struggles to understand the results of an autopsy.

Found a platter of goodies my sister was supposed to be eating by now.

Learned a little bit about how media projects are funded in Canada.

Passed semi-trailers as snow whipped across the highway.

Was passed by semi-trailers as snow whipped across the highway.

Listened to NPR airwaves emanating from a completely different country.

Talked to multiple friendly police officers.

Watched a log home being built in Oregon on TV.

Commented on how medication is such a complicated and boring subject.

Tried to remember how my other website is supposed to be set up.

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