(Another post from the frozen heartland… Will have more from the West soon enough, but for now let’s remember the prairies… Consider it like a nice break in the flow…)

It’s so interesting to be in the middle of the frozen north. Well, technically it’s almost as south as you can go in this part of Canada, but it certainly feels like the north pole at times.

I see a family of three walking together, the dad has his hands in his jean pockets. The mom holds the hand of a little boy bundled up in a cute animal-head hat, which is basically the equivalent of a Canadian winter helmet. I would assume they’re coming to visit a grandma or grandpa.

The fan blade on the air conditioner spins in fits and starts. What a weird dichotomy. the snow is literally nuzzled right up to it in a small drift. I wonder if it is gusts of wind that bear the responsibility for the action, or if it is simply one more example of the paradox of our consumer system — where in order to stay warm in a space full of amenities we require artificial cooling.

I’m on hold with my web hosting provider. It’s the typical elevator piano music, with like an alto saxophone in the background or something. You know, the sort of music you might hear in an airport lobby, or on a made-for-TV 80s movie. It makes me think there’s probably a market for creating unique and interesting synthesizer music for Corporate America’s “hold” systems. If anyone wants to buy some chill af and exceedingly fascinating synthesizer-based loops they can use for their telephone programs please hit me up!

I hope the hosting company can fix the image upload problem. It’s weird how in this day and age it can take just one or two clicks to post your latest photo to one of the social media behemoths, but try to take the simplest of photos and upload it to your own website and you are beset with the zaniest of HTTP errors, resizing problems and orientation issues.

I’m sure it’s no conspiracy, just the laziness of Samsung failing to make one of its cheaper “smart” phone options have the same software compatibility as its blockbuster explosion-prone version, or a theme developer not anticipating cell makers sticking with one file type over another or something.

But it definitely feels weird how much of an intrinsic “pull” I feel from the Facebooks, Twitters and Instagrams of the world, who are trying to get me to post absolutely whatever I can to drive their free-content engine, while individual creation and reflection efforts (on platforms we own) are pushed to the sidelines.

One step at a time my friends. One step at a time…

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