I’m sitting here “strapped in” to my editing workstation:20160330_191802

-double Americano with cream and sugar

-two hard drives connected via USB

-my Macbook Pro (with blue shell and key cover)

-sick 8Tracks catchy ambient playlist streaming thru my Technics headphones

-expensive as fuck muffin just out of the oven

-yellow butter in a perfect semi-circle



It’s time to do battle with the audio once again.



A lot of you may think all there is to producing a radio show and podcast, particularly as random sounding as the Frequency Horizon, would just be a matter of showing up and hitting play or phoning it in. Not so.



Moving from the world of good ole’ print journalism to on air radio production has brought on new challenges, often unforeseen ones. For example, the file sizes you are working with jump immensely. You could write a 4,000 word article and it would barely show up as a dot on your disk inventory app.

But considering I have taken to using a DSLR camera + Sennheiser microphone (Thanks Cam!) at times, depending on the interview and complexity of sound, a single file can easily be a gigabyte. Obviously most of my cellphone audio recordings (which are almost just as good) are way smaller, but they still end up adding up, especially when the audio editing software makes cache versions of the files these days.



In the audio video editing world you’re presented with a paradox. If you’re in love with editing on a Macbook Pro laptop you can’t help but be a fan of the quicker SSD drives, while simultaneously hating how much smaller they are than other hard drives out there.


So yeah, it’s back to moving files around from one drive to the other, so I can catch up on podcast delivery.

And btw, this muffin totally lived up to the price tag.


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