It’s almost like a lifetime has passed since I’ve had some of these experiences.

And yet in other ways they feel like the same movie of my life that played out yesterday.

The resort I was working on is now open for business.

My buddies Nathan and Roman are back — on break from tree planting camp.

Tofino is exactly the same as I left it about a month ago.

It’s just a little more packed to the gills. Now you’ve gotta go around the block once or twice more to find that parking spot.

The Quebecois cherrypickers have begun to arrive.

I’m reminded of the time I popped by Crazyfish’s Fishhead Soup for the Soul Wednesday night radio show where he interviewed a anti fish farming activist and a local native leader.

Or the time I caught the tail end of a parade where girls wore cute boxes on their head to become what looked like reindeer and pandas.

And I’m reminded of the never-ending hitchhiking journeys to and fro. The cool thing about them were they were never necessarily necessary.

It was always a choice — some upward striving (or sideways at least). Through them I expanded my horizons — and avoided that mid-winter gas price hike.

Sometimes I look at my photos and wonder what the hell was I trying to capture. I obviously saw something hilarious or caught a pattern that looked just so interesting I wanted to save it in digital form.

Otherwise why would I have taken that shot of the candy rack from four different angles? But sometime things you experience are just that, momentary expressions of your unique personality from which it’s okay to move on.

No one really needs to see your artful imagining of Pez dispensers.

            But it’s nice to look back on all the people I bumped into one way or another…

All the times I ran to the radio station in the pouring rain to prep my show while Dena and friends picked cheesey 90s throwback jams and the odd metal track. And all the toil, day in and day out…

Puts a smile on my face, and makes me think about how dreams do come to fruition and how that extra hustle you did back when no one was around is what’s sustaining you now.


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