So the other day I was about to post this photo and wasn’t sure what to write.

Then, randomly the following day, one of the characters from this picture popped up on my Facebook feed seeking a ride out of town. Well, it’s interesting because first of all I didn’t even know she was in town. And second, I don’t normally leave this place, myself (due to financial factors and the beauty that keeps me here in Tofino and Ucluelet).

But this day was different. During a home recording session in the forest the previous day, the sound on my laptop had just stopped working. I tried to sort it out via research, online chats and calling the experts. The moment it dawned on my I would have to trek it to the Apple Store in Vancouver, I saw her rideshare post.

She was trying to escape the pounding rain and a town that didn’t hold mystery for her anymore. I totally understood. For my part I was just glad that I had some gas money to help me get to Vancouver, since, you know, I’d been laid off from a couple jobs at that point. It worked out perfectly; I got the computer fixed pretty lickity-split; and she got ready to exit the country to head for another stage in her journey.

But on the way we talked about how cool it is when you can tap into that unique energy of syncing up to different frequencies passing through — if you’re aware enough to tap into them.

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