On the second edition of the Frequency Horizon podcast we take in some musical waves from France and consider a variety of tracks related in some way to Paris or the recent terrorist attacks in the City of Love. Instead of just listening at a distance we take a look at just how closely connected it turns out we are here on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

First broadcast on 90.1 FM Tuff City Radio here in Tofino, here’s what you can expect on the podcast version >>>

-A local bartender finds out his parents are stuck in Paris as the death count rises, reminding him of the time he got caught up in political unrest in Thailand.
-We have tracks that emerged from the French electronic movement, and not just Daft Punk either.
-I read lyrics from a classic screamo song that inspired still-relevant discussions about the Middle Eastern (read: Muslim) diaspora. Can you guess which one it will be before I play it?
-Tracks from Toddla T, Fauve, Memimo Media, Jennifer Cardini, Beirut and many more.
-French “hitchbikers” get deep into Tofino’s magic.

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