It’s not quite summer season yet. But the weather was warm enough to wear shorts during the day we went out on a scouting mission to Vargas Island.

I was working on a journalism article, there were a couple wetsuits and a board brought along and we were smart enough to remember to carry kindling.

We brought lighters, but both of them pretty much failed.  Obviously (based on the fire pix in this set) we managed to pull off a rousing fire, with the help of tea lights.

After plenty of rain over the past week, it was nice that the weather cooperated for our last-minute jaunt to Vargas Island — an island off the coast of Vancouver Island.

It took some serious bushwhacking. And I’m surprised the board survived without getting dinged. 

I’m always fascinated by the “surf search” shots where you’re obviously extremely far from anything resembling a wave — in this case about an hour from the selected surf spot.

Takin’ shots is key. I mean, how could you not?

I think Reese’s should sponsor this dude. For sure!

I was the only person in our crew to see what I assume is a whale skeleton. Here’s the proof.

Wolf or dog print?

Afternoon light paints ripples on the sand.

So orange eh?

That hair tho.

The river was too high to jump across. So there’s only one way through.


Hustle boys, time is running out!

This is what we live for!

This pic is crooked on purpose. Honestly, I feel this is just the right angle for the shot. Because nature.

Cash me ousside…

…how bow dah!

I love that my clothes will smell like fire until I wash them.

Out here: There’s no reception. No hassles. Just true beauty. No need to understand it. Just soak it in.

Two pairs of shoes totalled.

What a crew. Let’s do it again sometime eh?

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