I hear raindrops on the roof. I see it pitter-pattering with pin-prick precision on the rectangular skylight. The coffee is silky smooth. The last of the cream. The last perfect cup.

Sometimes in life you have to go all in. And that’s where I’m at folks. I’m beset by potentially lifestyle-ending challenges, and yet I feel I have a good hand.

Because what’s at hand is exciting. I’ve worked so long to get here. I know I have to stop thinking I’m on the “cusp” of some magical, deep, and fulfilling experience. And maybe all that background work was necessary. But guess what? It’s go time.

Whether it’s following up with mayoral offices, presenting plans for videography, hitchhiking to surf on a likely tiny day, researching Facebook ads or telling the story of a heartbroken mother (not to mention trying to manifest a car out of thin air), there’s plenty in store.

My greatest thanks to the folks who helped hook me up with the electronics to keep me afloat, or helped me put my passions into bureaucratic-speak to date. Your efforts are definitely appreciated.

Peace -> and have an amazing week all!

Feed Shark