This pre-storm surf session was thanks to ferry cancellations

that was the day the ferries were shut down

The day I returned from Oregon the ferries were delayed and I ended up missing my shift at work.solid wave performance

I was slated to work the next day too, and I was kind of excited about it because I had purchased a whole new set of vintage clothing to wear to the job, while down in Portland.grey surf times

Of course, everyone knows the only thing better than working is not working.and away

Because BC Ferries was afraid the Strait of Georgia would experience similar conditions to what I witnessed down at Cannon Beach in Oregon (at the hands of the exact same storm), they didn’t just delay ferries, but shut them down entirely. That cut off the flow of tourists to Vancouver Island — and Tofino — meaning there were noticeably¬†fewer reservations at my restaurant than there would have been otherwise.

Tuff City dreams

I was pretty glad to have an opportunity to get in the water, since my attempts at surfing in Oregon had been foiled. It was pretty crazy driving to the beach hearing constant CBC Radio program interruptions warning about severe wind conditions rolling in.beach life yep

When I got to the beach it didn’t look too bad at all. In fact, there had been much bigger days recently, and it didn’t even take that long to paddle out. That doesn’t mean I caught a ton of waves (when you basically take a week off to go on a journey elsewhere you become rusty, okay — haha), but it was a blast to get out there.success

Plus I was glad for the opportunity to capture an October surf session at North Chesterman in photographic form.

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