Today my roommate woke me up and I found out her bf had cooked a huge salmon last night and left me a huge chunk. Well, I work dinners and got a sweet pulled pork sandwich staff meal at the end, so I wouldn’t even have been able to eat the fish had I seen the note taped to my door. I was glad to get up early enough to deal with the impending realization I forgot to strap my surfboard to the roof of my car, causing it to fly away to landlocked status. And I’m happy I was able to help my roommate get to work on time.

I hit up all the surf shops, which was quite pleasant. Surf Sister even offered me free coffee. And I even heard a sweet Major Lazer track called “Scare Me,” which I will have to play on my show tomorrow. I introduced myself to Pete Moffat, of the Moffat in the Morning show, and we discussed my missing surfboard on the air. I think it made for some pretty hilarious radio for people. Then I went to the community market.

these watery images are spectacular

I bumped into the mayor, hung out with some friends from work and then headed off to read some dope magazines. That included articles in the Surfer’s Journal about a guy who leaves Hawaii for Mainland USA only to miss Island Life. Well, he gets back to his world and first thing his apartment is broken into and some of his stuff gets stolen. I really liked how well it was written, but also how crisp a glimpse of the day-to-day of Waikiki culture he was able to provide. I also loved flipping through the Economist to learn more about my own country of Canada, while getting little snippets of life in places like China, Korea and Brooklyn.

The ocean is pretty calm so visually, at least, it doesn’t seem like I’m missing too much (yet). On the understated metallic ripples you see dark little stand up paddleboarder figurines. I’m trying to save my energy for work tonight at Wolf, so I can go hard again. I’m in the process of getting my podcast uploaded to TuneIn and Stitcher and hopefully iTunes soon, as well. I’m very curious to see what I will learn from the process. I think the lessons will be invaluable. So much more that a cheap surfboard that already fell off my car once before.

I met a girl today who had a radio show in Toronto called “Waves.” I thought that was pretty cool. I’m glad she made it out here, too.

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