Katlyn’s surfside eye

What allows Katlyn Durocher to capture stellar oceanic glimpses from behind the lens is her own deep passion for surfing. She’s the sort of person who will kick herself if she doesn’t suit up and go for broke, even if she has a good excuse — such as an absence of waves or an exploding water tank at home.

surfing Indonesia

Katlyn on a surf trip to Indonesia.

The Ucluelet-based multi-disciplinarian has a background in interior design — ask her about community space architecture and you’ll get an interesting earful — that helps her understand angles and framing with a different perspective than many surf image creators. Plus she has a strong sense of compassion and attentiveness to detail that infuses itself into her careful lens work.

She’s a strong supporter of her boyfriend, Howler’s Restaurant team rider Sebastian Duque from the shoreline, in evidence at the recent 2016 Rip Curl Pro in Tofino (an event you can get an inside glimpse of on Episode 30 of the Frequency Horizon podcast).

Katlyn lifted her camera to snap these images in the gallery at the top of the page, even scoring some great shots of legend Tom Curren ripping it up in Canadian waters.

Check her work out online: www.infinite-id.com

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stark natural beauty

Drew: What was it that caused you to get into photography originally?
Katlyn: Ever since I was young I always had a 35mm film camera by my side. It was just a small hobby at the time to capture memories with friends and family. As I got older though I began to take more photos of life around me in an artistic way. In high school I bought my first digital camera when they started to become affordable, and upgraded a few times throughout the years. Friends always knew me to be the one that would have a camera at the scene to capture the moment. When I started university is when I finally made the move to the DSLR world.
to the left to the left
Do you think your passion for surfing has an impact on the sort of pictures you like to take?
Definitely, when I take pictures of people surfing I get excited watching them about to make their next big turn or trick! My love for water and passion for surfing has helped me to take better pictures of the sport. I’ve learned how to predict the waves better and to predict what the person is going to do next by watching their body movement. 
ripping hard
Would you say you approach photography differently depending on what you’re shooting?
For sure. When I’m taking lifestyle photos I try to take the photos as if I am not even there, to capture the moment how it actually is. I like the photos that are raw and show the subject as it is. On the other hand though, when I take photos of nature I really try to let nature frame itself and find boarders and art in the details of the plant or landscape. Surfing photography gets me most excited. The beauty, movement, and power of the water is the canvas background for the surfer to be showcased on. 
chillin beach life fire
If you had to choose between photography and surfing what would you choose?
I am happy I don’t have an answer for this question because these are my two biggest passions in life. I love both so much in totally different ways! With surfing and photography in my life, I feel that they fulfill both my body and mind creativity.  Surfing allows me to be creative with my own body challenging myself each day I go out. With Photography I am able to be creative internally and create something with my own mind. 
Anything you really want to photograph in the future?
I am hoping this winter I can finally get that barrel shot!
aquamarine wave
One of her favourite shots from Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu below:
surfing shot awesome
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