Local pro surfer Pete Devries dropped by the Tuff City Radio studios the other day to talk surfing, his feelings about competitions and memories of a trip to Alaska to catch waves, during a sit-down at the CHMZ 90.1 FM studios on Main Street during a Time Out With Dena & Roman segment.

He shouted out photographers Jeremy Koreski and Frequency Horizon “Episode 11” guest Marcus Paladino, who he called “dedicated” and “pretty keen” about surf photography.

Creating iconic surf imagery is a lot different than you might think, he noted.

“I’m looking for waves that are going to produce good sections that are going to line up with the photographer,” he told the pair of Tuesday night co-hosts, midway through the conversation. “He’s trying to swim in the right position, so I can be doing a maneuver in the right area.”

“When you’re surfing with somebody shooting in the water it’s not like you’re surfing, really,” he added.

“It’s like you’re doing a photoshoot,” Dena chimed in. “Okay!”

“Basically you’re just trying to find waves that are gonna go to the right place,” he said.

I guess in a way we’re all just trying to find waves that are going to go to the right place, aren’t we?

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