Today I bring you a fun and hopefully super useful blog post from our Frequency Horizon contributor Rafi Chowdhry that tackles the important subject of productivity. Let’s get it together people…

Hey, you! Ya I’m talking to you there…

Did you just miss the bonfire because you had some office work to be done?

You couldn’t watch a baseball match because of that “important” phone call? Wow. You take emails and calls when you’re out of the office, too? Really? How many hours do you work on average? 10? 12? Sometimes more? Come-on, you gotta be kidding me. Sounds like your daily routine may be a bit outta whack…

Want to be the king of your world? Learn to manage time first -- The Crown by Shaer Ahmed

Want to be the king of your world? Learn to manage time first – “The Crown” by Shaer Ahmed

For starters, I would say time management should be the first goal. You manage time and get the fun in life. With this as your goal, and then making checklists will allow you to be more efficient. Trust me when I say this.

My work and personal life are way more balanced than I ever thought they could be. Just the thought of working for long hours to only get a limited amount of time on the weekends to enjoy took all the air right out of me. I’m not criticizing people who work hard. But where is the fun when all you do is sleep and work?

So, today I’ll tell you what happened when I cut my work-day to ONLY six hours.

surfer going left

Surf pic by Drew Penner

I Live Life:

I live a fast and target oriented life. I am a millennial and know what is important and what needs to be cut short. I am a columnist, digital marketer, entrepreneur and blogger. I love chess and pets. I have lots of friends and family — fun is what my life is based on. In short, I AM WHO I AM.

Waves on Shore by Drew Penner

Waves on Shore by Drew Penner

Work-life Balance Route To Success:

Grab the opportunity life sends your way. Don’t stress. There are no hard or fast rules. If you want to go for success, be smart. Prioritize; learn to value. I have cut down my work hours to 6 and when I work, I simply WORK. No playing around. No day dreaming. I catch up with things. My dream is to run a SaaS company, have my virtual business extended and own real estate in Tennessee.

The general rule of thumb is, love what you work and work what you love. Think out of the box. Try to focus. I do what I want to, not what others would want me to. Do you get that?  I am remarkable with chess, I teach and play at the same time. It soothes me. The balance goes beyond measure. I also failed during the early startup, but I never GAVE UP. I tried and tried and WON. Hey, after all winners never quit and quitters never win!

I love creating new ideas and helping businesses to grow. But after my work time is up, it’s up. I close work and focus on life. Isn’t this EASY?

basketball dribble

Rafi getting his bounce on

Present, Persistent and Perfect:

Remember, nothing is perfect. People work hard to reach their goals. Don’t dwell on your past. Learn from your mistakes. Be attentive to your present. Lastly, practice will perfect you. No one was a born perfectionist. Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, all had to crack and succeed. Be attentive to tech developments. Stay connected. Being tech savvy will be handy if you know how to do multitasking. Tune yourself out of your personal life in your work time and vice versa. This allows me to stay stress free and achieve more in less time. Listen! you too can do it. 

Inner Compass Leadership:

LOL! I know it sounds crazy but always pat YOURSELF. If you start raging on mistakes, it will only bring harm. Don’t be afraid of the unexpected. Try new things. I learn daily, even from my juniors. I appreciate people in my life and give credit where it’s due. Be simple. Don’t regret. Done is done, move on.

Nobody cares. So be strong. YOU know you can do it, if you can dream it!

at the beach 3 dudes

Mindset For Family, Friends And Fun:

No kidding to the all-time favourite quote: “All Work and No Play Made Jack a Dull Boy.”

Don’t you see?

There is a fine line between stress and passion. Quit overrating things.  Try to balance things. Go out.  I travel a lot. Play games. Other than chess, I love basketball.

Eat your favourite food. I’m so fond of the cheese mousse cake that my friends usually bribe me with it.

SEE, life is simple, complicating it is not the solution.

It’s all crystal clear. Your life holds many people. You can’t live alone. Important are friends and family. Only work will soak your mind to a point of no return.

Anxiety, depression, drugs etc. all start because of the monotonous routines and no hand to console. So why risk it when you can simply balance work-life and have the fun? Relax, if I can do it, so can you. Just play along and see the result.

#Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

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