By Jake Fishman

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After a week of sleeping in the car and truly living the beach bum life, it was time for us to begin our journey back home. We said goodbye to the parking lot slept in for a week and made a coffee run to use the Wifi one last time. Even though it was time for us to go, we all knew we were coming back. Tofino touched us in many ways and we will always remember that.

Qualicom Falls

One pit stop that we made on our way back around the island was another waterfall called Qualicum Falls, located near Parksville in the Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. Convincing my friends to stop by and see yet another waterfall on this trip was a challenge, but with enough rice crispy treats and promised drive time, I was able barter my way there.

Qualicom Falls

The hike was amazing, as the trail takes you around a loop with a series of falls. This hike was a little more challenging than the Englishman River Falls hike, as it has more inclines. There is the main falls, which is a two part waterfall separated by a small water hole, but as you follow the river downstream you can find smaller streams.

Qualicom Falls

The walls of the river are so narrow that logs get stuck between the two sides, creating a photographers heaven of multiple elements in the photo. I had a good time taking these photos.

Qualicum Falls

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