The featured image in this post is from a midnight surf session at Long Beach after a day where I worked two jobs and 14 hours. Afterwards I paddled home to my house on Strawberry Island in a kayak.

I believe the below photo is from a pit stop I made at Union Bay, while traversing the scenic Old Island Highway.

The pictures almost seem as though they could be from the same scenario, but that is deceptive. The only reason it seems that way is that, above, you’re looking at a full moon on one of the calmest days of the year at Long Beach (well, it definitely got worse at some points over the summer — i.e. smaller — but compared to how things are picking up now it was pretty tame). And sometimes the Union Bay waves actually don’t exist and time seems to stand still. Not that they don’t get bigger than in this photo, but the below picture definitely represents an “active” day of water movement there.

This post is where these worlds meet in the middle, because that’s what the Frequency Horizon is all about, in a sense.


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