Here’s a guest post by Rafi Chowdhury written specifically for the Frequency Horizon. This Californian digital media hustler knows the value of kicking back every once and awhile. I was stoked he wanted to pass along a few useful tips to our readers. Here he writes about the important ability to fit travel into a meaningful life. Happy trails dude!

A good chunk of the world’s population gauge their lives by the 9 to 5 measuring stick. But when you’re so focused on work can you really travel as much as you’d like? Is it only the unemployed and independently wealthy who get to see the world?

Not exactly.

People caught up in the rat race can get out if they’re willing to try. I can say this: I have done it. It’s true, at the moment I do have a job which allows me to travel pretty much anywhere. There was a time, however, where juggling work, building my website, playing mad chess — while still travelling — was an additional skill I had to learn.

in the car looking at the ocean and hills

And once you figure it out it does get easier. Now I’m a “growth hacker” and have a solid team of virtual assistants who help me in my work. So, now, my freelance position gives me all the freedom to pack my bags as much as I like. And I have been taking advantage of that freedom often.

But hey! Not everyone can give up a 9 to 5 job for travelling… So what’s to be done?

 Don’t Be a Couch Potato on Public Holidays

Here’s the thing about public holidays…

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We often forego a vacation with the idea of sticking around to visit family. But be honest with yourself; do you actually do that? Or do you waste away the days catching up on Game of Thrones, or binging on a brand new Netflix show you just have to see.

Next time do yourself a favour and take a mini jaunt for your next holiday and save yourself a considerable salary deduction. Of course you need to make sure you plan this getaway in advance. If you wish to fly on Christmas at the spur of the moment, you may just find every ticket sold out.

That means now.

 Utilize the Weekend or Extend It

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Shorter getaways on the weekend are definitely possible. I have been doing it for years. My trick is to extend the weekends. Rather than taking a Monday off, it is better to take a Friday off. And, if it may not be easy for you to convince a not-so-yielding boss for it, putting in a few extra hours during the rest of the weak to wind up the tasks can usually convince your superior. So, get a weekend extension and see a new place nearby this time. Make use of the night to travel and voila! You have all the days to yourself.

 Make It Solo


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This is the surest route to a happy, feasible and economical trip. Going solo not only brings down your expenses remarkably, but also allows planning and execution time to plummet. The gratification factor in such trips is usually high, for one can spend the time as desired.

 Do Not Overreach

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Most of us overextend ourselves when indulging in our travel bug. By that I mean planning too much for too little time. And this is true especially for shorter outings. Plan as much as is comfortably possible, for that span of 2 to 3 days. You do not want to end up with bed head and filmy eyes on a Monday morning at work. Do you? We’ve all been there, and it’s not pleasant. Make sure you follow the KISS rule.

 Take a Long Break Once Every 6 Months to a Year

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I may not be working 9 to 5, but I still adhere to this rule of thumb. To do anything above this can get you sacked. Anything less, however, and you’ll find you’re burning both ends of the candle before you know it. Take time for yourself, but do it the smart way.

Plan a few months in advance and then… here’s the key > just go for it!

 Paid or Unpaid, Do It for the Love of Travelling

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They say that a day of travel teaches you much more than a hundred books. Take a word of advice and do not let your holiday disappear or get cancelled just because you didn’t figure out the whole “paid leave” thing. A week’s salary is easily worth the life you will live when you travel.

So, get on with it! Save a little money in advance; cut down a few expenses; and any loss in work time will be made up in the benefits you will gain by diving into the wider world. Trust me, it works pretty well.

Pack that bag often. Launch into that trip you’ve been wishing to take forever. Don’t count the years of your life in 9 to 5 slots.

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