Thanks Tuff City… it’s been a slice. But now I’m outie.

31:01 – Environment Canada meteorologist explains the “magic” behind the stunning sunset along the horizon all day, as the waves began to pick up. It was the perfect setting to work on my final show.

59:13 – The emailed-s/o from former treeplanting homie @omar-shihottie means the world to us here. Hope you enjoy our premiere of his slow-jam “Empty Bottle.”

1:24:31 – Rad Reviews: Patrick Grant @patrick-grant-9, Sleep Science @sleepscienceband, TALIA @talia1975, zenxienz @zenxienz

2:02:57 – OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE: Culture Crawl ~ Tuff City’s 2017 Homegrown >>>

Featuring: Roy’s Bag, Praxis Life, @garvies, Little Saturday, @tsimka, BUTTERFLYWINGTIP (@truezoorecords-com), @cosmic-target, @the-royal-youths, @pudfluff, @lovelife2020, @ginga-slice

Music: @spectrasoul, @deadmau5, @deeklineofficial, @deccoooo, @four-tet, @etherwood, @entershikari, @erobique-1, @sashaofficial, @ducksaucenyc, @defekt-music, @photay, @mumbaiscience, @black-moth-super-rainbow-official, @bop, @unityengine

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