You’re in for a treat: Tuff City local Andrew Kinnie not only pops by to drop some knowledge and a didgeridoo/drum live performance, he also brought his DJ gear… Suffice to say we had an absolute blast!

20:20 – This week is Co-op Week, meaning all you member/owners get to pick up your cashback check. We head down to the grocery store of our sponsor to meet the president and find out what all the fuss is about.

33:12 – Rad Reviews: This week’s trio of reviews has New Sincerity Works, Ben Brookes and Michael P Cullen under the Frequency Horizon critical microscope.

1:20:35 – We promised Andrew Kinnie would grace the Tuff City Radio studio with his presence and he did not disappoint. It was great to hear how he approaches creating vibrational waves and pushing it out into the universe via both organic and digital means. He sat down for a chat before launching into a didgeridoo/drum performance. Then he mixed a really sweet set of chill but inspiring West Coast beats.

Music: @therealshub, @funkinmatt, @bonobo, @londonelek, @flyinglotus, @voivod-official, @16bitlolitas, @kidnap_kid

Cover Photo by Valerie Brassard

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