We look forward to the Queen of the Peak women’s surf comp kickoff we’re hosting featuring Erica Dee and OWABOWA, plus get a report from a Croatian music festival courtesy of one of our very own electronic music reporters.

-I met this dude named Graeme Martell at a local bar and invited him to co-host this episode. He explains how surfing’s totally different than other boardsports, reads some “wake up call to the world” poetry that touches on the illuminati, tells us about ditching a blood-stained hat for a white one, and describes what it was like to find black mushrooms near Tonquin Beach. You know, just classic stuff.

“How profound. Do you like to hear the vibrations of sound? Do you love your city, or do you love your town?” (33:05)

-53:54 > I interview Boston / Nelson B.C. performer Erica Dee (@erica-dee) live on the air about her creative process, her perspective on the West Coast and what it’s like to see her words inspire other artists to create music.

-1:22:34 > It was pretty rad to hear the approach OWABOWA (@owabowa) takes to integrating global sounds with fresh electronics. She’s turned a love of South African¬†#house¬†into groovin’ mixology tools of the trade such as cumbia, baile funk, reggaeton and — my fav — “psychedelic tropical.”

1:49:15 – DJ Xoiko headed to Croatia for an exhausting but totally mindblowing time at Outlook Festival. It took him a couple weeks to fully recover that’s how dope it was. He reports back with prime info about the tracks and artists that went off at the event. We hope he’ll slip us a dubplate mixtape in the days to come. (www.outlookfestival.com/)

Music: @l_sidednb, @nicolas-jaar, @mcfava, @fracture-official, @mefjus, @mrjennings, @evolintent, @daftalive,

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