“I’m hot ‘cuz I’m Freq. U ain’t cuz u not.”

-Dedicated Tuff City Radio listener Warren Rudd calls in and we dish hardcore about banana slugs, a prominent feature of our West Coast life (26:45).

-Westward’s “Empire of Deception” (www.westwardtheband.com/) gets the Rad Reviews treatment > 26:20

-Rapper MIMS (@mims-official) of “This Is Why I’m Hot Fame” follows the Frequency Horizon on Twitter, and so we decide to look at the “hot” remixes the artist inspired (52:18).

-While we didn’t manage to delve into the local food scene on this episode, Paul, a fellow busboy over at Schooner Restaurant, did drop by unannounced to bring some insight to the mixology of @clozee, a DJ I thought killed it at Oregon Eclipse festival.

Music: @lykkeli, @otist-reading-1, @bethditto, @deadmau5, @caribouband, @skepta, @novelist, @svnsetwaves, @spydnb, @dieantwoord

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