Of wolf attacks and heart-wrenching vocals.

1:11 -Sekret Pocket @sekret_pocket, HAL 9000 and Kurt Clayton @kurtclaytonofficial are in the house! They bring a full crew to Tuff City radio studio and play a few tracks for you guys.

58:48 – I headed to our local hippie campground in the forest called Poole’s Land to meet with Sylvain (who is NOT a hippie, he made sure to point out. He told me about a harrowing ordeal where he spent a night in the forest getting chased by a bunch of wolves. The story really resonated with me, since I got lost in the bush the same day he did, and so the way he was describing things rang true to my own experience. I’m just lucky the animal dens I fell into were empty, and that my situation happened in the middle of the day not at the end, like his.

Music: @spydnb @esseks @kllsmth @tiesto

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