9:57 – My fam drops in to tell about how I almost didn’t make to tonight’s show. Getting lost in the forest is a real thing I found out. Sorry if I sound a little exhausted.

40:13 – With a cell phone streaming Facetime in one hand, and a cordless landline in the other I mediate an inter-band discussion of infamy beamed in from just beyond the eastern shores of our giant island. It’s a preview to the in-studio intensity of next week’s podcast.

1:01:56 -DJ Gord Johns… I mean MP Gord Johns (gotta watch the modifiers) calls for the Government of Canada to fast-track funding for surfers so our country has a better shot in the waves at the 2020 Olympics. Now that the discipline’s been added to the roster of sports, it’s time to take our game to the next level.

1:16:15 – “Backside 50-50,” the announcer booms, from the Tofino skatepark on July 1, as we begin our coverage of the Tofino 2017 Canada Day Sk8 Comp. That same voice takes the time to laud the efforts of the youth while giving us a glimpse into the history behind a park with one of the best reputations in the country.

We shout out our newest follower on Instagram, dnb alchemists @teddykillerz, and play a few of their dopest tracks.

>Cover photo is my bro fyi. He was the “silent producer” for the episode.

Music: @zedsdead @gorillaz @scissorsisters @phaeleh@neelixofficial

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