Cold Open: While I drive off the ferry back to Vancouver Island after my road trip to the States, I chat with Dena, as she frantically attempts to get Tuff City Radio back on the air…

7:42 – Island Life problems: The ferry was busy and BC Ferries made me wait a sailing, so it took me a couple extra hours to make it back to Tuff City. It was dark when I hit the last leg of the journey, and I found a pair of nighttime hikers (Pierre and Maude) in basically the “middle of nowhere” by the Rainforest Trail. We delve into the story of these “Snow Mexicans,” as it drifts from treeplanting to cherrypicking.

56:29 – A couple of Pierre and Maude’s friends join the conversation.

Music: @gabrielanddresden @nnuages @noir @solomun@nosajthing @kaytranada

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