I send in a dispatch while at a tire shop in Oregon, delivering furniture to a winery in California, considering the wine festival I attended just days earlier in Tofino.

00:45 – Soft Open: My old trippy green backpack just appeared on an empty beach north of Vancouver. On my way south I see if I can recover it.

15:50 – Grazing in the Gardens is one of the coolest events that happens all year on Vancouver Island. Wineries from all over British Columbia descend on our lovely rainforest and for the price of a single ticket you can sample all of them. I certainly tried during the 2017 edition. And I hope you enjoy the conversations I captured — along with the energy of a local drum n’ bass DJ spinning an ebullient house set overlooking the mudflats.

1:21:07 – I bump into George Patterson, the owner of the Tofino Botanical Gardens (tbgf.org), and get a chance to interview him about how this bustling Food and Wine Festival event came into being.

Music: @metalheadz @ivylab @hugh-hardie @anushkauk

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