By the end of the show five guests had rolled thru the studio to share their stories, or at least their unique perspectives. Not going to lie, there may have been alcohol involved.

But, I think you’ll agree, we tapped into some pretty raw honesty. Plus Mack gave one of the most touching shoutouts I’ve ever heard IN MY LIFE! Best part was, it was his way of referencing horizonal frequencies 😉

5:13 – “Softball report” > More of a beer league commentary than anything, let’s be honest. #sports

19:00 – Rafa, from Montreal, steps up to the mic reminds us how beautiful the weather’s been in paradise. Turns out he’s got some legit hippie knowledge bombs for our listeners:

“The universe pays you off differently than a paycheck.”

49:25 – I read a passage from “How to DJ Right”…ying/dp/0802139957

1:19:35 – I thought “devil sticks” died out in the 90s. But no, turns out they still bring meditational minds like Juan into the flow state in the 2000s eh? Actually, we just saw this dude straight-up gyroscopic juggling legit right outside the studio and bid him come in. So glad he did, because it brought a deep sense of chill to a situation that might have otherwise spun out of control, u know?

1:40:40 – Rafa decides to turn the tables and begins asking me questions. He felt my listeners deserved to know a bit about what brought me to Tuff City Radio. I hope you enjoy the details he managed to extract.

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