“It hasn’t been an easy week” ->

57:40 – That’s saying the least. On the one hand we had a tragedy at sea. On the other, one of our early Frequency Horizon supporters, Bill Oz passed away.

It’s really too bad cancer won the war with the dude the week I recorded this episode. He was the perfect Canadian. You know, drank cheep beer, watched hockey and worked at the hardware store. Just glad I got to spend some time with him!

44:43 – pudfluff hops on the line to give us the low down on the local scene. @pudfluff

1:18:03 – MetaCoSM 2017: an immersive multimedia event in Vancouver featuring the live painting experience of world renowned visionary artists Alex Grey and Allyson Grey. Featuring @phaeleh, @daegasound “global, supportive, natural”

1:27:00 – Rad Reviews: This week we discuss the new release from @shawnavirago “Heaven Sent Delinquent”

Music: @synergy @erobique-1 @call-super @the-digital-connection @fredvgrafix

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