20:10 – You know we bring the poetry. And you know we’re not afraid to drop news bombs on y’all. We do both with this segment — reading poetry that was read out to Tuff City’s council the night before the show aired. Finally you get to understand the genius that is Chester Manbeach.

37:45 – A couple from the Northwest Territories, Magnus Andri Palsson and Caihla MacCuish, picked me up hitchhiking and were kind enough to buy me an India pale ale at a brand new brewery. So I’m going to take you guys with me to the newest cultural attraction on Vancouver Island — the Port Alberni brewery.

1:20:10 – As part of the radio-sponsored “Mighty String Thing” we bring you a 16-minute jam session featuring Grammy award-winning talent, not to mention collaborators with Maple Blues and Juno award nods. Get into it!

1:15:00 – We play the latest from Frequency Horizon listener and collaborator extraordinaire @lovelife2020

1:36:26 – Perhaps the most newsworthy segment ever aired on the Frequency Horizon, we report a death witnessed by our theme song writer a few hours prior to the show going live — prompting an important PSA. Serious but never judgemental. Just relaying stories that need to be told.

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