It’s been a rare thing for me to delve into dubstep and trap territory on my show, but I figured it was at least time to embrace some of these elements — particularly with the new release from @gjonesbass. It’s music that’s as spastic as Tofino weather conditions eh?

Plus, we’ll dial up the random inspiration voiceovers and douse you in some solid four-on-the-floor. Because — why not?

1:20:13 – Luchos is a dude who I met while hitchhiking from Whistler to Vancouver, while working on a segment for Episode 23 of the Frequency Horizon (Frequencyhorizon – Episode-23-whistler-adventure-hitchhike-up-badbadnotgood-interview-a-tribe-called-red-shoutout). We ended up talking about travel and what’s it’s like to work in the Canadian indie film industry. He ended up stopping by Tuff City Radio and camping by the waves.

Music from: @datsik @diplo @excision @acslater @gjonesbass @boardsofcanada @getterofficial @valentinokhan @johariofficial


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