Sixty is a big number! I was thrilled Tuff City Radio manager Cameron Dennison came by to hang out and celebrate the milestone. We figured we’d unleash 3.5 hours of awesome frequencies bathed in a true rock-n-roll ethos to the interwebs. I must warn you, it gets a bit rowdy.

0:00 – We rewind time to bring you a glimpse of the last chunk of Time Out With Dena & Friends, where you’ll hear a little bit about one of Cam’s formative musical experience.

11:36 – The Frequency Horizon kicks off with an intro we hope will prepare you for the good times in store.

25:25 – “I do like it quirky and driving.” Cam the Boss makes his entrance, and explains how he always seeks to select music that speaks to the mood of our surf community of Tofino. “I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

46:48 – If you explore the local haunts you’ll know of Vargas Treasures, which is often open late. We stop in to see shopkeeper Sandra Varga, a prominent local Quebecois character, and she tells us a story about her father’s clothing factories. It’s a unique tale of French Canadian life, a topic quite relevant to Tofino, a place these folks love to visit.

Music: @craftal, @tainsus, @nosajthing, @bonobo, @nnuages, @harrisonbrome, @kllsmth, @cafedisko, @dsidedj, @mysticstate, @bearhandsband

And the awesomeness keeps on coming… Better prepare your hangover remedy~

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