From prairie radio to vinyl house party poetry, this Frequency Horizon episode is all over the map at the end of the road like usual~

35:10 – Today we’re going to see how frequencies are broadcast all across the Canadian prairies from a home base in rural Manitoba. And we’ll have Golden West DJ and Elvis impersonator Corny Rempel ( as our guide. (

49:10 – We debut the new Butterflywingtip (@Butterflywingtip) album live on the air. Glad to hear they’re killin’ it like always.

57:40 – Time-out for a local news sesh: We talk marketing of a more under the radar section of the West Coast. And we’ll discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts to bring communities on board with pipeline announcements.

1:26:00 – I’ve been looking forward to this for quite awhile… Local poetic mind Rachel Walker lends her delightfully independent yet carefully elegant craft to some stanzas for our Frequency Horizon audience. We captured this audio at a dope mid-winter house party (put on by previous guest of the show (@ginga-slice) where I brought some of my favourite vinyl to spin, none the less!

Plus music from: @JunkieXL, @a-tribe-called-red, @ne-yo, @deltaheavy, @red-hot-chili-peppers, @rivertiber, @officialbmotion, @clammyclams, @rockstargames and the track of the week from @wearerivka

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