[13:09] – We’ll tell you about how one Vancouver Island woman missed out on a blind date when a giant sinkhole swallowed up the highway. Join us as we take a look at the gaping chasm ourselves.

[35:30] – I read a passage from a native feminist ‘zine I bought in Portland. If you like it check out “Shik’is ShiHeart: My Friend, My Heart: Native American Feminist Musings by Melanie Fey and Amber McCrary” here:

[47:00] I use Matthew Bourne’s cozy synth number “Somewhere I Have Never Travelled” to read a passage on a live Reddit AMA by a North Korean defector about how he escaped. @matthew-bourne
“This seed of a dream became embedded in my mind.”

-I got pretty stoked out on Funkin’ Matt this week and so we have multiple tracks from the catchy electronic maestro from Norway this week @funkinmatt.
-Music from M83 @m83, Eleven.Five @elevenpointfive, Deadmau5 @deadmau5, @islandislandisland, Fleet Foxes

[1:12:05] Vlad drops by to bring us a reggae guest mix. Then we take some time to chat about Donald Trump, unconditional love and shipping containers washing up on the beach.

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