It’s Episode 52, and you know what that means -> we’ve put a year’s worth of broadcasts out into the universe! Thx for joining us on the journey. It was also the night of the US election, which made for quite an interesting podcast.

[40:00] We did our best to take your mind off politics for a few minutes, as we played a segment where we interviewed Jake Fishman, the winner of an Oregonian big wave surf competition called the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic ( You’ll get to hear about how the event came into being and what it means to come out on top.
>Hope you enjoy the background music I wrote for this one<

[1:24:25] Crossing the billion dollar threshold… Did you know that Trump’s marathon to the White House has meant media companies are having their biggest paydays ever? It’s been a hidden element of the rise of the white working class, but I wanted to talk about it.
>For the intro to the piece we used part of a song from Nasoshnik (@Nasoshnik) called “Sen Starego Sadu” (Nasoshnik – Sen-starego-sadu) which was recorded using only nature sounds.

[1:27:37] Maxim Brehme, the young German journalist, managed to do quite a fantastic in-depth interview with an American in Tofino, about the rise of Trump. Thanks to this interview with Kyle from Montana, our Frequency Horizon listeners get a better glimpse into the dynamics behind Trump’s successful candidacy.

Guardian website election coverage

The Guardian had a cool pixelated graphic that made me continue to reload the page as election night developed…

Music from Cesium Swimsuit (@cesiumswimsuit), Annix (@annixdnb), Deadmau5 (@deadmau5), Camo & Krooked (@camokrooked) and Bonobo (@bonobo).

(Cover surf image courtesy of Nelscott Classic organizers. See more from Drone Age Media:

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