9:50 – I head to the United States and find a country deeply divided, struggling with sexual norms and deep seeded racism. Autumn Storm recently transitioned from male to female at 19 years of age. I felt in a way she represented what America as a whole is going through, and helped foreshadow the turbulent weather I would soon experience on my journey.

20:42 – No trip to Portland could be complete without a visit to Powell’s Books. At a live author talk Germany-based author Nell Zink comments on the difference between the “old world” and the “new world” and skewers the American treatment of its most vulnerable.

29:28 – I get heavy into the black metal experience, playing a monster-filled boardgame called Munchkin and listening to vinyl of extreme Norwegian music. We use the genre as a jumping off point to discussions about politics, podcasting, wave perspectives — and a different type of sacrifice.

“I sacrificed everything I knew and loved to go be an uncle and finish college in Indiana.”

50:04 – I happen upon a Black Lives Matter protest over a new police contract organizers claim would prevent effective oversight of body camera footage and encourage bad officer behaviour. I stand face to face with riot gear-clad police, just feet away from protesters who got pepper-sprayed. Music remixed from a pepper-spray promotional video.

1:25:10 – A stop at a sidestreet coffee shop got me connected to a scenario where I was lucky enough to get an Ableton Live lesson from downtempo producer Jesse Jade and hear new music from Hakuu (@hakuu).

Big thank you to Keenan Branch for passing along a bunch of high quality tracks, which I used as background music for a number of the segments during the episode.

Music from: CloZee (@clozee), Rene LaVice (@renelavice), Washed Out (@Washed_Out), Middle Brother (@middle-brother-official), Thievery Corporation (@thieverycorporation).

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