This show features music from: Floating Points, A Tribe Called Red, Mr. Oizo, Boys Noize, Bjarki, RZA & MF DOOM, DJ Shadow

29:47 – Jeh gives us an update of the goings on of the local hip-hop scene.

47:55 – We have the radio premiere of “Waves” by Dream Fish, a Vancouver Island artist so talented I’m proud to sport a sticker he gave me on my car. #acoustic

56:00 – I met American vocalist Jillian Goodman in a Tofino coffee shop and we chatted for a bit about podcasts and the beauty of travel. Afterwards she sent me an awesome singer-songwriter number, and I figured I’d include it with the broadcast.

1:03:51 – DJ G-Rant is an important fixture in the local live music and electronic dance scene. He’s got a solid history of bringing psy and dnb elements to the West Coast, but here he drops a sick #dancehall mix to capture the vibe of Summer 2016. Thanks again dude for passing this along!

1:59:34 – I met Intergalactic Traveler ( while he was visiting from Brazil. Turns out he creates poetic blog posts in the vein of our show’s frequencies, so I figured I’d read a heartfelt post over a recent DJ Sasha set dropped at an Ibiza club.

You can read the full “Soothing Rain” post here:

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