9:56 – Wade from Vancouver calls in from his campsite at Mackenzie beach and tells us about cooking chicken biryani over the campfire.

31:25 – The Cold Feet Club crew calls in to tell us about the inaugural West Coast Weird-Off surf competition. They seemed pretty stoked when they heard I gonna participate in the contest. (sbcsurf.com/west-coast-weird-off-cold-feet-club/)

“Contest is a word we’re throwing around very lightly.”

57:46 – Solomon Potashnick (@solomon-potashnick) is a DJ with credits ranging from the underground Gulf Island music festival of Diversity to the across the board intense spectacle of Tall Tree Music Festival — and that’s just from 2016. He was kind enough to put together an #exclusive guestmix as a birthday present for me, since I turned 30 last week. This is legit house journey from a Victoria, B.C. producer who clearly knows what’s up. Enjoy!

Music from:
Mr. Oizo @oizo-mr-3000 and Skrillex @skrillex “End of the World”
The Ransome Note @the-ransom-note (Dimitri Veimar @dimitri-veimar) “Time”
Dream Dior @dreamdior
John Beltran (@john-beltran)
Justice (@edbangerrecords)
Suncastle @suncastle-303

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