-Shout out to the Tuff Beans crew for dealing with the collapsing customer so calmly, fluidly.

59:51 – I play an interview I did with Surf’s Up founder Dennis Nerpio who told me about a weekend event where dozens of kids with autism got a chance to learn how to surf. (Read my article about it here: frequencyhorizon.com/article-arent-barriers-water/)

1:04:34 – Polish ambient artist Nasoshnik tells us about his trip to the UK where he got a job at a cosmetics factory and contemplated the nature of the space-time continuum. He compares working on a manufacturing line to being a dog who eats his own tail.

“It hits like a headshot,” he said of what he calls the “Biggest adventure” of his short life.

But he loved the cathedrals and monuments, and we play the music these structures inspired.

Music from: @indiazi
Rag ’N’ Bone Man @ragnbonemanuk (the Calyx and TeeBee @calyxteebee rmx)
SpectraSoul @spectrasoul feat Terri Walker @terri-walker-official

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