This one’s a well-musically-endowed show, full of old favs, some new stuff, a reading of the internets and frustrating electronic music news.

40:00 – Used a Thom York (from @radiohead) collab to lay the background for a reading of a Bjork’s Reddit AMA, where she discusses the watery and cosmic significance of various musical meters she’s chosen for her compositions.

1:00:32 – Can you believe Fabric Nightclub is closing all of the sudden? Considering we often talk about the local impact of a community council’s decisions, it’s interesting to see the global cultural ramifications of one small community council’s vote. Now you know why we cover municipal biz…

Music from: @modeselektor, @Netsky “Mello” (Feat Terri Pace), Octane & DLR @octane-dlr feat. Break, @officialrjd2 RJD2

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