We go hard on minimal, nautical vibes and embrace the waves

Intro: South Chesterman vantage point… (after too much summer work I think) A first look at fall…

We’ll set the scene with Iori “Calx” — a techno track that fits in with float house life, I discovered this week.

[56:06] And then we are visited by, one of my favourite people in the world: Laina Gabrienne — all the way from Toronto. I’ve always had a deep respect for her taste in music. She squirrels away techno tracks like nobody’s business, is fiercely protective of the original Tofino she always loved, and she brings with her a unique appreciation for the rainforest hippie underground that is the west coast of Vancouver Island.

From minimal to tech-house to booty electronic to ambient, you’ll be treated to a fun but well-researched journey of tsunamic proportions.


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