-Live music from Josh Hannigan, a Ucluelet local, who absolutely rocks it on the acoustic in Tuff City Radio studios. And we’ll get into the nitty gritty of his artform/business — Yucca Surf Design. Plus we’ll find out what he’s doing to reconcile the environmental challenges of shaping surf boards with his desire to see the ecological landscape remain intact. (6:18)

-I remix local nature sounds debuted on Episode 26 into a fresh electronic track called “Last Day at Jarmo’s.” (48:16)

-Polish producer Nasoshnik serves up some amazing electronic atmospherics, and tells us a story behind the instrumental. It’s a tale of grandmothers, hillsides and hats. (1:05:35)

Plus music from:
The Demon Parade
Beach Boys
Shaded Explorer
Arcade Fire

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