This week we’ll take a look back at what happened in the wind and waves at the Duct Tape Invitational, bringing you the contest results and a sense of what the longboarding festivities were all about.

Devorah Reeves stops by the studio for a fun chat as she switches between different hats. She’s a self-described surfer / longboarder / historian. And she’s also co-chair of the board of Surfrider’s Pacific Rim chapter.

She’s also put in her time as Canada’s West Coast Surf Surfing History Art Culture curator. And she recently launched a west coast culture blog called People of the Surf (check it out at

Plus I’ve got a story about how Jamie O’Brien‘s crew hooked me up with some tape randomly to get me out and surfing.

High Contrast “Eternal Optimist”
James Blake “Limit to Your Love”
Royksopp “Eple”
Radiohead “Burn the Witch”
Brand new Red Hot Chili Peppers

[Cover photo courtesy of Viktor Davare]

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