Today we’re focused on enlightening the financial plan for Tuff City by speaking with multiple elected officials and considering where we might be headed.

-Coun. Duncan McMaster puts a word in about the significance of the multi-year fiscal strategy, set to a Carl Cox update of a sweet Royksopp track. He references the drive towards affordable housing, noting the money is there (even if the plan is not). [14:45]

-We have Mayor Josie Osborne in the hot seat as we get right down to the nuts and bolts of the impact of the governmental plan on infrastructure and property tax rates. And you might be pleasantly surprised by what we uncover… [48:17]

-You’ll pick up interesting stats about the unique character of this vacation rental hot spot -> such as how 48% of property tax bills were sent out of town.

-Plus we provide the radio debut of auditory research into Pacific rainforest sounds funded by the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust. Birders, ambient fans and sciences buffs take note! [31:51]

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