>Justin Martin’s “Dive In” kicks off Episode 25 for us, as we dive in ourselves to some pretty solid material…

We hang out with kayaker Simon Behman as he launches himself from Tofino’s shores to raise awareness about salmon conservation while raising $$$ for local non-governmental organization Friends of Clayoquot Sound. It’s a 2,000 km challenge he’s facing head on, and local outfitter Tofino Sea Kayaking Company had a few positive comments about Simon’s clear determination. Update: Simon has so far made incredible progress despite difficulties presented by Pacific Ocean conditions.

Former Frequency Horizon guest Luc Bibeau returns to the program, this time with a slew of homies in tow:

-Calgarian Chris Adams is a news head who is on his way to do a masters of journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto.

-Despite initial hesitation to get behind the mic, Andrew Dennison, in town from Kamloops, throws down a precise sociological interpretation of Tuff City’s particular brand of West Coast culture.

-And Curtis Wolff, another soul from Calgary, helps steer the conversation in lighthearted directions, and talks about banging out sports reports.

The crew gathered in Tuff City Radio studios to discuss the state of journalism today, the beautiful people of Tofino, and how the Frequency Horizon audio strains fit perfectly with Victoria’s Secret pageantry when you’re trying to procrastinate from pre-exam review.

-Plus music from The Flashbulb, Whitehorse, Four Tet (with a description of a synchronistic happening involving the track), Steve Angello, Boards of Canada, Oliver, Random Rab and Rene LaVice.

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