This week we we’ll usher you into the program with a “cold open” monologue over the strains of Dub Physix’s “The Clock Ticks.” Then a community choir helps bless the boats as part of the Pacific Rim Whale Festival.

Screenwriter Erin McMullan pops by the studio for a live chat about her thrilling experience attending the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival the previous weekend. We’ll take a look at what goes in to turning words into a Hollywood blockbuster and ask her about a memorable #horizon moment.

We have a Vancouver Island musician call in live to the program from Mexican surf town Sayulita. He’ll give us the skinny on the environment Apparat was surrounded by when they created one of their best tracks.

I’ll give you breaking news about public beach access improvements, Tofino’s plan to crack down on Air BnB hosts operating illegally, and give you a sense of the community’s efforts to push British Columbia in a more “green” direction — at least as far as its investments are concerned. (Set to an Infected Mushroom track).

Then, we’ll do something we’ve never done before — get heavy down into an experimental synthesizer performance at the hands of temporary #Tofino local Fabian Konrad. And I do mean heavy.

>>>get ready for one hell of a noise/sound/art experiment….

There will be starting and stopping, lush electronics and soundboard switch-ups all live in studio at 90.1 FM Tuff City Radio studio. Expect plenty of emotive moments, live interviews and random recorded performance clips all thrown in together.

(Originally aired March 15, 2016 on 90.1 FM Tuff City Radio, Tofino, B.C., Canada)

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