As alway, full of experimentation and boundary-pushing news, arts and sonic content, I hope you enjoy the show we have dished up for you today. It’s the first time we’re switching to the full two-hour format, to carry you through whatever you’re up to!

Ever wondered what it would take to operate an organic farm on rocky West Coast terrain? We’ll take you down a winding road just outside Ucluelet B.C. to examine the ins and outs of what makes the Medicine Farm tick. It’ll be an experience I hope you won’t soon forget. Farmer Douggie says he isn’t doing it for the money. Hopefully this little documentary gives you a sense of the atmosphere he has created for international travellers and people looking for a second chance.

We’ve got a bit of news about Tofino Brewing Co.’s plans for a richer hospitality experience. And I’ll make sure to give you a sense of Tofino’s view of this kind of development in its industrial lands.

The second half of the show is a frenetic, deep drum n’ bass and future dub mix full of chaotic rollers from DJ Xoiko, performing live in Tuff City Radio studios. And boys and girls, let me tell you, this mix is FIRE >>>

Expect an intense showing from the Montreal-via-Tofino native.

(Originally aired March 9, 2016 on 90.1 FM Tuff City Radio, Tofino, B.C., Canada)

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