This week we take you into the hill country of the Lone Star State. And you’ll get up close and personal with some underground Austin electronic.

Here’s what you can expect:
-I chat with an Austin City Limits employee about the significance of country music to the city’s identity, ultimately relenting and deciding to play her favourite artist, @george-strait-music, as well as Miranda Lambert, on my show
-We’ll go to Wimberley, TX, to chill in a quaint and hip as heck enclave, hear stories of personal discovery and gather up some cultural reflections.

Shot this in Wimberley, Texas

-And we’ll climb an oversized hill owned by a church named Mount Baldy, staring out for miles in the afternoon sun, before bumping into a couple Texas lovebirds.

Wimberley Texas view

-Plus there’ll be music from White Denim, Spoon the Band, How I Quit Crack, Entheogenic Evolution, Desert Dwellers

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