While I’m away from my 90.1 FM Tuff City Radio show I prepared a two-hour presentation of couple of my favourite DJ mixes from recent years.

The first is a Kollektiv Turmstrasse mix I latched onto while tree planting in the interior of British Columbia. I remember trying to download it in one of the only places with a WiFi signal in that part of the Cariboo region. I had found the mix labelled as being from UNCIVIL podcast #035. So I reached out to the poster and received a link to the mix on my birthday. “Good morning and here you go………” the message read. What a great gift!

The second set is from Vancouver Island native Neon Steve. The first time I heard of this dude was among ghettofunk enthusiasts in Calgary, Alberta at the height of the frack boom, prior to the oil price collapse due to global oversupply. But it was surprisingly awesome party in Courtenay that showed me what kind of energy the dude can bring to the table when the chips fall the right way.

It is this mix that displayed the man’s diversity.

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