If you’re a legit DIY surfer then you will know how useful some duct tape can be when the waves are awesome but you’ve somehow managed so nick up your board while out in the water. The Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational riffs off this spirit with its 2016 competition slated to hit Tofino today.

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Sixteen surfers are set to step up to the plate, hoping to take the title away from defending champion Justin Quintal, who scored his third victory in the series (in a row no less) last year during the Vans US Open. The focus will be on longboarding innovation and creativity. The judges won’t allow anything but traditional, single-fin logs sans modern attachments — and no interference whatsoever. Competitors can snag points for best shared wave, so expect to see some party waves locked down with style and creativity.

The winner will take home $24,000… but that’s in greenbacks. And as everyone in Tofino who’s anticipating a huge crowd this summer due to the weak loonie knows, that’s actually a lot more cash than it looks like. In fact, since the contest is being held today, I believe that means the champion will be in line for $30,980.40 Canadian.

You’ll also be able to catch a showing George Trimm’s avant-garde surf film, Forbidden Trim.

FORBIDDEN TRIM (Official Trailer) from George Trimm on Vimeo.

If you’re keeping track, Joel Tudor and George Trimm are the guys behind Bootleg, a film showcasing shredding by Tudor, Harrison Roach and Yuta Sezutsu. Closing event duties will be left in the hands of Alex Knost’s “experimental” band Tomorrows Tulips. Guys, you had me at avant-garde. Now you throw in experimental? Dope. The folks down at Shelter are expecting big things for Sunday.

Here’s the full list of 2016 DTI Tofino Invitees: Alex Knost, Justin Quintal, Troy Mothershead, Ryan Burch, Andy Nieblas, Tyler Warren, Nathan Strom, Kai Ellice-Flint, Chad Marshall, Harrison Roach, Karina Rozunko, Dean Petty, Tommy Witt, Dane Perlee, Reilly Stone and Asia Dryden.

Alright, time to head to the beach. Last I heard they were saying North Chesterman’s around 1 p.m. today (May 7).

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