Radio is not a place for images. Or so you might think. Here’s where we bring you inside the visual aspect of the Frequency Horizon.

west coast moonlight for a midnight surf

Full-on lunar reflection

The featured image in this post is from a midnight surf session at Long Beach after a day where I worked two jobs and 14 hours. Afterwards I paddled home to my ...
surfer head bowed heads into Indonesian waters

Katlyn’s surfside eye

What allows Katlyn Durocher to capture stellar oceanic glimpses from behind the lens is her own deep passion for surfing. She's the sort of person who will kick...
Todos Santos Killers

Todos Santos photography

The sun had just risen as we passed by Chickens on the way out to Killers at Todos Santos, 12 miles off the Mexican coast from Ensenada, and some pink still lin...
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