Check the inner workings of this whole process. You might find it interesting.

Tools of the trade

I’m sitting here “strapped in” to my editing workstation: -double Americano with cream and sugar -two hard drives connected via USB -my Macbook Pro (wi...
old time Tofino pic reformatted with some dope heightened vibes

In the dampness by the pond

Just something I scrawled on my phone one wet fall evening pre-Panama Papers: The Germans are chatting about Bernie Sanders' idealism and the scientific ap...
not from the day but still

Wickanninish on a small day

>Just looking back to when Wick was still accessible, before all that endless construction. That day I wrote a poem before almost losing my surfboard... ...
there are whales and surfers so deal with it

Dear Grandma, Whales!

Today I went surfing at Long Beach for the second day in a row. The waves were probably between 4-7 feet with a relatively long period I think. That means that ...
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