There I was, soaring above the world. Floating without the aid of an engine. controlling my destiny with a few slight movements of my feet and arms.

No, it wasn’t some kind of dream. No, I had not suddenly developed the ability to fly.

remember this shot

In fact, I had been launched into the lower atmosphere in a tandem glider by a group of insanely talented young cadets. I was momentarily given the controls by someone who clearly had more trust in my flying abilities than I did.

Here’s what it feels like:

You’re frozen in the air. You have a new appreciation for the reality on the ground. You don’t want the flight to end.

I was excited beyond belief to have the opportunity to fly an aircraft, if only for a few minutes. The empowerment you feel is like nothing else. Who hasn’t had a dream where they’ve been soaring contrary to the laws of gravity. That’s what it’s sort of all about.

I wasn’t too disappointed to turn the responsibility of steering the airborne vehicle back to the cadet I was sharing the cockpit with. Turns out a little burst of ultimate freedom would suffice me for a long time. And I’m glad I managed to snap this picture of the ocean and horizon as part of the journey. I gave it a nice blue tint, and selected it as one of my first Frequency Horizon logos in the early days on Twitter.

It still brings me back to that feeling of existential weightlessness every time I glance at it. And that’s something money can never buy.

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